Village India Restaurant

For the best of authentic Asian food in Blenheim come to the Village India Restaurant. We offer mouth-watering Indian delicacies made from fresh ingredients. Enjoy the best of the cuisine with various foods and drinks. The Village India restaurant also provides easy Indian takeaway food in Blenheim. Come and dine with us and don’t forget to taste the Chef’s Special recipe. Since it’s inauguration, we have come a long way to attain satisfaction and reliability of our customers. Customer satisfaction is one of our keys to success. We are dedicated to offer the best to our customers and make sure that they get variations and quality food every time they are dining with us.

Awards Our Restaurant Won

Our Special Dishes


Fresh mixed vegetables and Italian diced tomatoes sauteed in a semi dry sauce


Chef’s Creation Smooth n Hot combination with Black pepper and cashew almond preparation


Boneless chicken tikka with chunky fresh mix vegetables in medium spiced Balti special sauce


Succulent prawns cooked in a tangy tomato and onion sauce reduced to semi dry gravy

What Our Customers Say

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